Transfers and Vehicles

TTC'S DMC Services

Safety, reliability and comfort are at the core of all our transport and transfer offerings. Many of our DMCs operate their own fleet of quality vehicles. Where they don't, they work with only with the very best providers, ensuring your customers a comfortable ride from the airport, between coach pickups, or wherever else they need to go.

Why our Transfers and Vehicles is the best option

Most of our DMCs have their own fleet of vehicles, so you'll be dealing directly with the service provider. And don't forget; transfer services are only a small part of the services they can provide. When you work with us, you'll discover a full-service partner that's always ready to help solve your product challenges.

why DMC tours is the best option

About our Transfers and Vehicles Destinations

Comprehensive vehicle coverage is critical for covering the huge distances of the African or European continent. Or if you're hopping between ferry ports across the beautiful islands of Greece. Our Transfers and Vehicle services cover most of the world, so wherever you need assistance, we're on hand to help.


Africa's Finest Touring Fleet

Thompsons Africa has a modern and luxurious fleet comprising of 100 owned vehicles, ranging from sedans, to luxury two person limousines to luxury 44-seater coaches and 60-seater touring vehicles. An exceptionally comfortable and spacious fleet, fully air conditioned and spacious, offering your guests a comfortable and safe journey.


One Of The Youngest And Cleanest Fleets In Europe

TTC owns Atlas Reizen B.V. / Contiki Holland, a coach operator with one of the youngest and cleanest fleets in the Europe. A modern fleet of 40 vehicles, offering a large number of services including transfers, school travel, personnel transport, fully arranged day trips, corporate travel, and multi-day trips across Europe.