Priority Entrance Sightseeing

TTC'S DMC Services

Private sightseeing tours and experiences aren't always easy to come by. Fortunately, these DMCs have the connections to provide exclusive access to a range of incredible attractions. Every activity is custom-designed to give your clients a special experience.

Why our Priority Entrance Sightseeing is the best option

All of our DMC network has been embedded in the regional travel infrastructure for years. Priority entrance to many attractions is a privilege that goes with the territory. But the benefits don't stop there. They bring the local knowledge and experience that makes destination sightseeing tour truly memorable.

why DMC tours is the best option

About our Priority Entrance Sightseeing Destinations

Priority entrance is available at major culture and heritage sites all across Europe. Discover which DMCs are ready to give your clients the exclusive treatment.


Dine Privately in The Vatican

An incredibly rare opportunity to dine amidst centuries of Roman and Greek art history, when you enjoy an after-hours invitation to the Museo Gregoriano Profano. An experience exclusive to TTC Europe DMC. One of our experienced Local Rome Specialists will also guide you through a private tour of the Vatican Museum once it closes its doors to the public for the day.


VIP After-Hours Visit To Graceland

Feel the spirit of the late, great, Elvis Presley on a private docent-led after-hours programme especially for you at Graceland. From the flowers and painted signs outside the gates, to the tear-streaked cheeks of fans inside, see the effect that Elvis and his music had on popular American culture.