Exclusive VIP Travel

TTC'S DMC Services

From travel concierge services to VIP air travel and cruises, we understand that catering to that special personality is a unique challenge. You'll receive nothing but top-of-the-line service from our DMC personnel. Trust that every detail will be taken care of just the way they like it.

Why our Exclusive VIP Travel is the best option

Our VIP travel services truly are the lap of luxury. These DMCs hand-pick all our accommodation and vehicles for unrivalled customer satisfaction. Best of all, you'll always have access to our partner network if you have to arrange a special experience on short notice.

why DMC tours is the best option

About our Exclusive VIP Travel Destinations

No destination is too exotic for our VIP travel services. Get in touch to discover just how far we can take you and your customers.


Private Villa Safari, South Africa

Discover an unrivalled luxury safari experience at a remote location offering the ultimate off-the-beaten-track escape. Experience a private sojourn combining wine tasting and an unforgettable art experience in the beautiful Cape winelands. Peruse select wine estates that pride themselves on their exquisite art collections and contemporary art gallery spaces.


Private Island Experience, Mozambique

Stunning archipelagos, vibrant turquoise seas, warm, shimmering beaches and palm trees that stand time still set the scene for any visit to the coast of Mozambique. Arrive to your luxury accommodation by private chauffeur, and experience uninterrupted ocean views.